Jabreen Castle

jabreen castle

Castles, Forts, Fortresses, Palaces- what’s the difference ? Apparently Castle/Palace is where the ruler lives and Forts are for defense/military purposes, Fortresses being a large Fort.

This is the interior courtyard of the Jibreen (also Jabreen/Jabrin) Castle that served as a domicile-cum-defense post for the Ya’rubi Dynasty that ruled at that time. The castle also has the tomb of Imam Bil’arab Bin Sultan Al Ya-rubi, an Imam (ruler) of the Ya’rubi family.

To note, the majestic Nizwa fort was built by Imam Sultan bin Saif al Ya’arubi (I’m presuming father of the above mentioned Imam), at a time when Nizwa was the capital of the region which was ruled by the Al Ya’rubi Imamates.

Disclaimer : Facts stated above are accurate to the best of my knowledge and based on information I have. Do leave a comment if its flawed/ you have more to tell about its history and your experience there.

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