4 thoughts on “SankaranKovil

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  2. I m surprised you liked it Charles. For most of us, it s just another thing we pass by everyday. All temples in the Tamil Nadu state of India have this type of architechture. This is just one of the temples. This picture shows the “gopuram” (its a tower over the entrance gate of a temple) usually towering over the rest of the buildings of the town so it can be seen from anywhere. Other states of India have different styles of gopurams. Usually they are intricately carved with animals, gods and other details from Hindu mythology. Many of them have a story behind them but few people in India appreciate the detail or give credit to the architects behind Indian monuments. Though all forms of art are appreciated in India and the traditions are passed on carefully, due credit is rarely given to the artist behind it. For example I visit so many temples in my mundane life . Many of them being landmarks of Indian architecture. But not once have I know the name of the sculptor or painter behind them. Its only the name of the king who built it that people know. There are some temples even have special features like producing a musical note when u tap on them on their stairs or pillars. We all know only the name of the king who commissioned it but not the guy who sat in the hot sun and worked on it for months. If only India had been more appreciative, there’d be many names like Michelangelo and Picasso. Sadly it doesnt. 🙂

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