Tutti Frutti cake


I am the type that spends less than 10 minutes to whip up something for the evening tea. (Okay,it doesnt have to be tea time to bake.) What I mean is, unless I am meaning to impress someone or its a special occasion,  I can’t be bothered to wait for butter to thaw ( I hate that. I have zero patience to wait for butter to thaw) . I have a small collection of “Quick to whip up” cakes that avoid butter creaming or whipping egg whites  or any method that requires me to pull the stand mixer out and wash a dozen pieces of kitchenware. Another condition to be on that collection is that it should use that stuff I regularly stock.

As the learning curve falls parallel to the x axis and as my lazing curve steeps, what is convenient becomes conventional.  I’ve begun using the quick but tested recipes for occasions also.

If the recipe permits, I’d use finer ingredients, replace oil with butter or full fat/ double fat for the low fat and so on. All those Pinterest ideas wasted! But who has the time??

This is a vanilla cake with some tutti frutti thrown in and was for my mom s bday. With the almonds around it looks like dundee cake but it is not ! Most cakes taste better the next day or a few days later, but this one was an experiment so it half- vanished the same day. She s on the other end of her 40s so I had the health excuse for not using butter or  frosting it. 😉

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