Triple chocolate peanut butter ombre cake

The idea for the inside layers are from Nabeela and outside, I wanted it to look like this —–>

My vision, mission, frosting idea, etc…………… PIC SOURCE: YELP.COM

but how it actually ended up looking like is this ——–> mala aunty cake

But I didn’t go by Nabella’s recipes though. I used recipes I am familiar with—-> From bottom to top- the recipes are from
Dark chocolate cake —>Hershey’s Black Magic Cake (half recipe)
Milk chocolate cake —> King Arthur Flour (half recipe)
Peanut Butter Cake —-> Mixed PB w/ half a White cake mix
White chocolate cake—-> Mixed white chocolate w/remaining half white cake mix

All the cakes took up about 4.5 hours to make. Frosting part is a story best left unsaid. I tried piping roses which came out like Muruku Swirls, and gave up and just slapped the frosting all around. and stuck some ferrero rochers around. And also swore to myself I am never going to do piping or any decorative frosting ever again.

Lesson learned-
When all fails stick candies around.

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