Scottish Shortbread

It’s only through my grand-dad who has some taste for pricey things, especially when it comes to food, that I had my first Shortbread without knowing its name. Much later I saw the Walkers shortbread and recognized it by its wedge shape. For years Walkers shortbread remained a favorite treat, until I tried myself and realized its one of the easiest things to make! Wonder what makes it pricey, perhaps the high butter content.

These are with Replaze Sugar substitute.

Jabreen Castle

jabreen castle

Castles, Forts, Fortresses, Palaces- what’s the difference ? Apparently Castle/Palace is where the ruler lives and Forts are for defense/military purposes, Fortresses being a large Fort.

This is the interior courtyard of the Jibreen (also Jabreen/Jabrin) Castle that served as a domicile-cum-defense post for the Ya’rubi Dynasty that ruled at that time. The castle also has the tomb of Imam Bil’arab Bin Sultan Al Ya-rubi, an Imam (ruler) of the Ya’rubi family.

To note, the majestic Nizwa fort was built by Imam Sultan bin Saif al Ya’arubi (I’m presuming father of the above mentioned Imam), at a time when Nizwa was the capital of the region which was ruled by the Al Ya’rubi Imamates.

Disclaimer : Facts stated above are accurate to the best of my knowledge and based on information I have. Do leave a comment if its flawed/ you have more to tell about its history and your experience there.